Baby of Sheetal Kotwal

The baby was diagnosed with a condition called neonatal encephalopathy and partially treated meningitis, leading to recurrent convulsion episodes that could have been life-threatening.

Sheetal Kotwal and her husband, Vishal, hail from Haveli, Pune. Vishal works as a farmer, and Sheetal is a homemaker. The family is solely dependent on Vishal. With an income of Rs. 5,000 per month, he has to support his family.

The entire family and relatives were elated when Sheetal conceived. The couple went for regular scans and consultations with their gynecologist, and the pregnancy was also going smoothly. During 32 weeks, they received information from their gynecologist that Sheetal had to undergo an emergency C-section delivery as the baby showed signs of meningitis and involved depressed or disturbed neurological function (a condition often caused by a lack of oxygen to the baby during birth). Sheetal had to deliver immediately, after which the baby started showing multiple complications like delayed crying, secondary apnea (where she didn’t respond to tactile stimulations), persistent vomiting, respiratory distress for which she required ventilation, and a NICU stay. The pediatrician referred the couple to Motherhood Hospital, Lullanagar.

When the baby was transferred to the unit, a team of neonatologists and nurses from Motherhood Hospital, Lullanagar, Pune, adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to successfully treat the baby. The team did a scan, and they found out that the baby also had a complex neurological disorder causing convulsions.

Neonatal Intensive Care provides highly advanced technology and care to babies with birth defects, and there is an exorbitant cost associated with it. Having a meager income, Vishal Bariklal Kotwal was afraid of how to cover the cost of his daughter’s NICU stay. Motherhood Hospitals, being one of the partners, immediately got in touch with the Neonates Foundation of India to support the parents in raising funds for their new-born daughter. The NICU support gave a new lease of hope for the baby.

“We were in rude shock after looking at the condition of our newborn.” Our happiness turned into a nightmare as the baby was having constant vomiting and no crying after birth. But thanks to the team of doctors who treated our baby and gave her a new lease of life,” concluded Sheetal Kotwal, mother of the baby.

After spending 27 days in the NICU, Sheetal and Vishal’s daughter was discharged. The couple is forever grateful to the team of doctors and NFI for supporting them and providing timely care.

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