Who We Are

Breaking the cycle of inaccessible Neonatal care  

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Who We Are

Our approach is towards bridging the gap between timely access to Neonatal Care for the needy.
Your support and contribution can save the lives of many small and sick babies who are born too soon, in families who cannot afford the high cost of NICU. 80% of neonatal deaths are preventable only if these tiny ones get access to NICU care and financial aid that could support the cost of treatment.

A Collaboration that is Fighting Fit

Premature babies and newborns with health problems at birth have to be nurtured in an advanced care unit, so that they get better. Our collaboration with Motherhood Hospitals allows us to offer critically ill neonates prompt treatment free or at a low cost, by using your donations. This partnership also helps spread awareness about pregnancy-related complications among underprivileged families, and how to prevent them with the help of a qualified doctor.

Overcoming Financial and Social Constraints

Treating a neonate in a specialised facility can be a huge burden for a low-income family. That’s because an average daily NICU bill: Rs 15,000-25,000+ can also be quite high. But, most parents may prefer these units but the dilemma of not being able to afford the best care for their child and lack of awareness about life-saving treatment can strike a family hard. Your contribution can allow us to help such parents overcome their difficulties. In the long term, this will help bring down the neonatal death rate.

Facilitating Timely Treatment

We can achieve the larger goal of saving tiny lives by addressing the root cause — 40 per cent of neonatal deaths happen during labour or the first 24 hours after birth, often because NICU facilities are not within reach. With the help of our partner hospitals, we provide access to transport facilities equipped with incubators and ventilators for underprivileged neonates from remote areas that require immediate attention and can be treated on the way to one of our partner hospitals.

Accomplishing More with Your Donation

We are dedicated to making your contribution reach the poorest families struggling to get quality treatment for their newborns. That’s why access to our network of advanced hospitals and generous donations comes only after a thorough background check of the sick baby’s family with respect to their financial needs, This allows us to recognize deserving individuals and treat them with empathy and dignity. With our core vision, we aim to reach out to as many ailing infants as possible and give them the gift of life-saving care.