Little one of Somiwon Jogo

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.” —Winnie the Pooh
This little one instantly took up the most room in her parent’s hearts, as she was their only hope of becoming parents.
Somiwon Jogo and her husband Merachung hail from the Northeast region of India. The couple worked as waiters and hostesses in a restaurant in Bangalore. With aging parents back home to support them, they were collectively earning a monthly income of Rs 30,000 per month.
Few months before the birth of their child, the father being the primary breadwinner lost his job. Somiwon Jogo was referred to Motherhood hospital, Hebbal, since she had some complications and the needed specialty care. Somiwon delivered twins prematurely, unfortunately only one of them survived. The other twin born at 31 weeks was low birthweight, the little one’s skin was translucent and was just the size of a coconut. The parents were devastated and loss of one of the babies, left them in a state of shock.
Somiwon’s baby was in the NICU, with CPAP support for 4 days. CPAP is a machine support that keeps the airways open while sleeping so that the baby can receive adequate oxygen. She was given antibiotics for 7 days and then stopped. On day 8, she was shifted to room temperature. Overall, she stayed in the NICU for a little more than two weeks.
Doctors counselled regarding the need for extended NICU stay, however, the parents wanted to take the baby home due to personal reasons. Discharge counselling was done, and parents were taught the danger signs to look out for and the follow-up care needed for the baby.
Somiwon and her husband today is enjoying the cooing of their little one because of timely Neonatal Care and your contribution towards Neonates Foundation of India that helped the parents in ensuring their baby girl gets a chance at life.
Name – Somiwon Jago (Mother) Merachujang (Father)
Location – Bengaluru

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