Little one of Mamatha

Babies are amazing. They begin each day all warm and sleepy, smelling of promise.” —Julia Roberts
This little one’s story is truly a tale of a promise that the doctors tried hard to ensure that it is fulfilled.
This little one was born in Anantapur, a small town in Andhra Pradesh about 200 km from Bengaluru. Ganesh, the father, was the sole breadwinner, working at a mall in Bengaluru as a salesperson. Just two months, before the birth of his child, when everything was going smoothly, he suffered from a bad case of dengue fever which forced him to take a break from work.
His wife, Mamatha went back to Anantapur to continue her pregnancy. She delivered a preemie in the 29th week of her pregnancy in their home town. The baby was about the size of butternut squash with wrinkly skin and frail. The baby’s birth weight was about 1.2 kg at birth. The little one had multiple complications starting with respiratory distress, fracture of the right hand, Jaundice, and fungal sepsis. Fungal sepsis alone can have an impact on the mortality rate making it anywhere between 21% and 76%.
Due to severe complications, the baby was referred to Motherhood Hospitals Indiranagar for further management in the NICU and was transported through a NICU on wheels. At the hospital, the baby was nursed in thermo neutral environment in the incubator, to maintain the core body temperature. An orthopaedic was called in to fix the baby’s right-hand fracture by placing splints. The baby received phototherapy to treat jaundice. Overall, the baby stayed for 25 days in the NICU and was discharged.
This little survivor and his parents fought hard having come all the way from Anantapur. Your support towards the Neonates Foundation of India saved this strong little miracle. The healthy baby is now 3 months old, happily gurgling and burping all day.
Name – Mamatha (Mother) M. Ganesh (Father)
Location – Anantapur

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