Baby of Vidyashree

“God made me so tiny that everybody can see that small things are strong too.”

Such is the story of a 900 grams baby girl born at 33 weeks of gestation.

Vidyashree and her husband, Siddaraju, live in Bangalore. Siddaraju is a daily wage worker who earns Rs. 30,000 per month. He is the sole breadwinner. Vidyashree was also a clerk in a private bank and was supporting Siddaraju to support and survive in a metro city like Bangalore.

But when Vidyashree became pregnant, she had to quit her job as her pregnancy had a lot of complications, like high BP and thyroid problems. Her pregnancy journey was never smooth. She delivered her daughter prematurely at 33 weeks at Rangodore Hospital, Bangalore.

The baby girl had issues like severe anemia and showed signs of jaundice. She also had congenital cataracts, which needed surgery, followed by Patent Ductus Arteriosus” (a condition letting oxygen-poor blood move the wrong way). This can weaken the heart muscle, causing heart failure and other complications if the surgery isn’t done at the right time. The baby had to stay in NICU care at the hospital for their treatment.

Siddaraju, being the sole breadwinner, was stressed about how to arrange expenses to treat his precious little girl. The Neonates Foundation of India came to him to support the couple financially. The team of neonatologists at Rangodore Hospital took the utmost care of the tiny life in the NICU, annihilating all sorts of infections and issues the baby girl went through.

Till today, when Vidyashree and Siddaraju wake up to their little daughter by their side, chuckling, they are grateful for the support provided by the organizations. They are obliged and thankful to this day for those who made sure the little girl went back home safely and healthy.

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